Covered Bridges Along the Way

On the way to and from Acadia, there always seems to be time for a side trip to visit a covered bridge. A couple of these were totally on the fly and not planned, but thanks to my navigator, who came quite prepared for an abundance of maps labeled with side trips, we were able to catch a few on our way into Watkins Glen. Others were old friends who happen to be along the way on the road home. Hope you enjoy.

I’m going by memory here, so shoot me if I get it wrong, but I think this is Creek Rd. Covered Bridge and the first of our stops to see bridges in Ashtabula County, Ohio.

Creek Road Covered Bridge

State Road Covered Bridge. This 157-foot long bridge in Monroe Township is currently one of 16 drivable bridges in Ashtabula County and one of the more popular/famous of the county bridges.

State Road Covered Bridge

I can’t remember the order of these bridges as we found them, but I think they are in order. Babbs Covered Bridge would have been the next as I recollect. What I remember most about this bridge is the total lack of a great vantage point, however, as with all of these relics of the past, it was a pleasure just to be in their presence and I was glad the light wasn’t too bad.

Babbs Covered Bridge

In the White Mountain National Forest area, there is a town called Jackson along NH 16. At the Wentworth Golf Club, there’s a nice looking covered bridge that is part of the golf course. It is visible from the road as you cross over Ellis River. We had bad light, but I liked this bridge, as it’s a bit different than the usual.

Wentworth Golf Club
Wentworth Golf Club

On the way home we visited a few old friends, with Sunday River Covered Bridge being the first in our line of travel. This place never disappoints. Such a lovely bridge with a lot of great access for photos. Even with it’s popularity and steady flow of visitors, I always seem to come home with a nice shot of this bridge.

Sunday River Covered Bridge

Driving on down into Vermont/New Hampshire, we spent the night at the “Covered Bridge Inn” at Brattleboro, VT, which is just a glorified version of your typical chain motel, but nice and clean and our second time there. In the morning we went to the Ashuelot Covered Bridge, which, also, never seems to disappoint. A glorious one lane bridge with pedestrian side walks outside the roadway. A very nicely conserved long span held together with wooden pegs. An amazing feat of engineering.

Ashuelot Covered Bridge
Ashuelot Covered Bridge

Driving on into Bennington, VT, we stopped at several bridges, one of which I have been to many times, but only on this trip, did I discover that one of the studios of Norman Rockwell, The Norman Rockwell Studio and Inn in Arlington, VT was situated very close to the Arlington Bridge. Amazed that the inn was unoccupied and for sale, and even more amazed at the lack of info available on the property. It’s one of those places a retired guy, like myself, could well be interested in owning. $500,000.00

Arlington Covered Bridge
Creamery Bridge
Paper Mill Covered Bridge
Henry Covered Bridge
Silk Road Bridge

The last three bridges are located in Bennington, VT. There are several more but they all look the same. Same construction and colors and all in good condition. Another thing in Bennington is the old train station in North Bennington. Worth the short side trip.