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Wasn’t much nature going on today.  As a matter of fact most of it probably hit the road when these guys took to the sky, and with good reason.  This is airshow weekend in Punta Gorda and the sky was abuzz with all manner of birds in flight, but there were no feathers flying.  Only sheet metal and carbonfiber.

2012 Florida International Air Show at the Punta Gorda / Charlotte County Airport – featuring the Blue Angels !
I didn’t have much forewarning of this event and it was not on my schedule at all, but not having been to a show in some 20 years, I decided it was a must, especially since these guys had been buzzing the house all week.  I was primed and I was lucky enough to have some local friends accompany me, but I’d have gone by myself anyway.  It was a hot, sunny day, but fortunately the wind was blowing a bit and that kept the comfort level in the tolerable zone.  I, personally, didn’t notice the weather too much, except to note the condition of my nose as the sun beat down.  I probably over did it a bit, but didn’t care.
So, I’ll not ramble any more, but share a few photos from the days event.  Hope you like.
U.S. Navy Bearcat (circa 1947) was the first Blue Angle.
F4U Corsair
A great day followed by some cold beers and a dip in the pool.  It doesn’t get much better.  There are a few more from today and many other aircraft images on my personal site.  Hope you enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Not Your Average BIF (Bird in Flight) – Flyboys Rule”

  1. Great shots, Rick! I haven’t attended an air shot in ages. I have difficulty handling the heat & humidity that usually accompany them.

  2. Dave,
    It was hot, but it was worth it. It’s extremely hard to find a place out of the sun, but then, there’s not much time for that if you are shooting anyway.

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