More A.M. Cincinnati

I’ve been waiting for over a month, ever since one of my friends showed up with a certain shot of downtown, to go and try to capture something similarly cool.  It was a shot of downtown from Devou Park, atop one of the hills in Kentucky, with the fog laying in the river basin.  Finally, this morning, from my back window, I could see conditions were looking good.  However upon arriving downtown, I found the situation to be less than desirable, not to mention, quite cold.  Here are the results of my mornings work.

On the way home, I stopped into the Eden Park Overlook, to see what I could see.  Not much there, but shot these two.

My wife doesn’t like this one
but I sort of do and I played
with it a bit to get rid of some
blowouts and then blurred it.
Not sure which one I like best
and probably never make it to
the wall, but had some fun.

And into the sun with a barge you can barely make out at center left.

 On the way out, I was noticing some reflections in the pond, so here are a couple from there.

 This last one is HDR enhanced.  It came out a bit over done, but I like it.  Hope you do too.

8 thoughts on “More A.M. Cincinnati”

  1. …these are really nice! I love the last one–beautiful color, and I really like the single tree too. It has so much color. I’m going to go with the original. I like it not blurred.

  2. Your “shot into the sun” is very nice, indeed. Love the texture of that fog and the “starry” sun. Good work, Rick!

  3. Thanks all of you for stopping by an posting. Seems the consensus is that the blur tree loses out, which does not surprise me. I did like the original texture and color so maybe I need to leave it at that. David, and anyone else who wants to do the A.M. thing, I’d be happy to have company. Right now, I’m concentrating on the fog in the river valley thing, but, I also have designs on Garfield Place and Music Hall, but definitely not in the middle of the day.

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