Waterfalling in North Carolina (Fall 2015)

Our group spent five days water falling in Western North Carolina in Nantahalla and Pisgah National Forests.  It rained almost constantly the whole time we were there.  Several of our destinations were cancelled due to the extremely thick fog and low clouds that we encountered, but we were not deterred and ventured out anyway.

Our first day was spent with a visit to view the elk, which were in rut followed by a trip to see Dry Falls, Quarry Falls, and several others in the vicinity of Highlands, N.C.

Dry Falls on U.S. 64, Highlands, N.C.


Quarry Falls, Highlands, N.C.

Glen Falls, a favorite of mine, which has three very large and powerful drops, was a disappointment, as it was barely running.  By comparison, everything else was almost overwhelming.  I’m not sure why Glen Falls was at almost a trickle, compared to a previous visit, but I managed a shot at the top anyway, but figured a trip to the bottom would prove fruitless, and stayed on top.

Glen Falls - Top
Glen Falls – Upper Fall

The next morning we tried for sunrise on the Blue Ridge Parkway with little success, but did get a bit of a break.

Bunches Bald Overlook
Bunches Bald Overlook

Following that, we headed over to Balsam Grove to visit the Living Waters Ministry.  I’ve shot here quite a few times, but this day was not like any other.  The water was flying down stream and it was quite dangerous and near impossible to get to several locations.  The spray at the bottom made it very difficult to even shoot.  Here are a couple from there.

Cathedral Falls


Close up isolation at Shoal Creek Falls


Another isolation shot at Shoal Creek Falls

We had lunch and then ventured to Graveyard Fields.  Not being able to see more than ten feet in front of us, sent us back over to NC215 and north of the parkway.  Here are some from that stretch.  Unfortunately, I have some confusion as to the names of these falls, but they are on the side of the road, north on NC 215, and I believe Bubbling Springs is the name of the first.  The rest are unknown to me and some are just river shots.RJH_7339







The crew, minus one.  Jim sick, Grace, Nick, Wolf, Clayton, and Rikki Lynn and I spent the day.