Adventures in Cataloochie

Driving the 22 miles from Maggie Valley to Cataloochie is not for the weak kneed.  It’s alright for about half the way, pretty twisty, then it’s a pretty rough road but the rewards are worth it.  The beauty of the valley in the morning is grand, but the added value of the elk herd make it a must see.

Arriving the first day, two days before the equinox, we viewed few elk and none sparring.  It was pretty foggy in the valley, so not many shots.  We returned several days later at approximately sunrise and as we pulled into the far valley, the elk were already at it.  There were about twenty all together with about six mature bulls, who were the stars of the show.

The following series is a combination of all the visits this trip.  I’d have to say it was a rather fruitful trip photographically speaking and always a pleasure to be in Cataloochie Valley.



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