Spring Flowers and Close Up Photography

I’m working with a new lens this year.  I’d shopped around for awhile and finally decided on the Tamron 90mm f2.8 Macro.  This lens is super sharp and has a fast auto focus.  It’s a great lens for doing macro work, and though it’s not my choice for an every day walking around lens, it doesn’t do such a bad job at that, either.  As long as you remember you are at a fixed focal length, it works fine.  Love the lens.

I was pretty much chomping at the bit to get busy with this lens and have had a pretty good time working with it this spring.  From bugs to flowers, I’ve been impressed with this lens.  It’s capabilities are awesome. The depth of field is excellent and I experimented with it recently on a nature walk.  Here are a couple of shots.  The first is wide open at f3.5 and 1/250, and the second is at f29 and 1/6.

 You can see the difference in the depth of field.  It is pretty spectacular and the clarity is impressive as well.  Both images were processed identically.

While in the woods, where the above shots were photographed, I ran across a couple of other nice wildflowers, but was somewhat disappointed at not finding any Jack in the Pulpit, which is what I went there to find.

At any rate, it was a nice walk, and my first real opportunity to spend some time with the lens in a real time shooting environment.  I’ve always liked shallow depth of field shots for the fine backgrounds they can create, but in some circumstances I’m looking for more detail and a deeper area of clarity and the depth of field on my new lens is outstanding for that purpose.