Pinkney Island

Pinkney Island NWR is a salt marsh located in Beaufort County, South Carolina, just outside of Hilton Head. My friend, Kelly, told me about this place. She heard I was going to Savannah, Ga and this was on the way and one of her favorite places, so I told here I’d stop and check it out. It’s a beautiful place and well kept, but, unfortunately, there weren’t many birds about, which is what I expected to see.

One of the destinations on the island is the Ibis Pond, (above image) which is the site of a major heronry. All manner of heron and egret breed here in late spring, and though I did see one Great Egret, hiding in amongst the growth, it was not photographable. I did see a lot of small birds flying about, none of which I can identify, save a sparrow, and there were lots of black and turkey vultures in the sky. I also saw a number of Moorhen floating about and was surprised to note their near proximity to the alligator.

Other fascinating creatures in the Ibis Pond include the American Alligator, several of which were sunning themselves on the banks, and though they were not immediately obvious as I strolled about, their presence became a source for my continuous attention, once identified.  They look so docile and harmless, just lying about so motionless.  I know better.
I’ll look forward to another visit to Pinkney Island, hopefully on my return north and then it will be filled with birds.