Bunche Beach

I had never heard of Bunche Beach, but my friend Nancy, and I, met a mutual friend, Liz, one early morning last week and she suggested we meet there.
Upon exiting the vehicle, the noseeum skeeters were all over us, but as we got away from the mangroves and headed toward the beach, they eased up.  It was really a pleasant morning on the beach.

As the tide receded, there became a vast area of wet sandy beach where we were able to walk out toward the feeding birds.  There were all kinds of shore birds, some in flocks and some loners, scavenging the beach for breakfast.  Liz walked out and took aim on a lone pelican and a group.  I still haven’t seen her shots, but here’s one of her at work.

I scooted in behind her but didn’t manage to capture anything I liked but did catch a pelican in flight.

Later, came a bald eagle trying to steal an osprey’s breakfast, which I missed.  The eagle was long gone as the osprey wheeled overhead, by the time I was aware.  I managed this shot of the osprey as he was leaving, and eventually saw the eagle in a tree, way too far away to photograph.

I also managed to capture this great blue heron in flight, and while not a great photograph, it made me glad that I was on the beach with the birds and not on a crowded shuttle to Key West to buy touristy things.