WV House and Itenerary

Reservations have been made.  Six bedroom house right in the middle of it all (Canaan Valley) with easy access to everywhere we are going.  Your cost is $290.00 for the four night stay.

I want to tell you about some things that you should bring.  Outside of the regular camera gear, a hiking staff will be in order and it will be a good idea to have some waterproof hikers and even some boots for getting in the water if you want to.  Mostly, you will be able to stay out of the water, but in case you feel intrepid, you might want to have some handy.  The staff will help you navigate into the creeks.  I will be bringing some ropes as well to help us up and down the embankments.

Also, I have it in mind to visit a couple of places that will require high clearance vehicles, so if you are able to drive such to WV, that would be a plus.  I am driving my truck and Jim is bringing his, and that might do, but one more wouldn’t hurt.  That said, here is a list of places we can visit, and a few optionals as well.   We may not make them all, and we are going to be flexible.  I will explain the days travels each day, and I want you to be sure and say whether you feel comfortable with the journey or not, because, there are other things to do that do not require some of the more adventurous explorations.  Actually, there’s tons to do and see and splitting the group is a viable option at anytime, and I will supply you with maps and directions if required.

Here are some shots of the house.

Canaan House 1 Canaan House 2 Canaan House 3

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