Portland Head Lighthouse

Portland is one of my most favorite places in Maine. It has great people, great dining and some of the best subject matter for photographers, not the least of which is the Portland Headlight located in Fort Williams Park in South Portland. A ” free park with a rocky shoreline, old military bunkers, big playing fields & an iconic lighthouse. ” This year they implemented parking fees. I believe the charges were $2.00 for one hour, but I could be wrong. They have machines that take credit cards and you leave a ticket on your dash.

Just a heads up if you plan to visit. They are very strict about opening at sunrise and closing at sunset and they might be a bit quick on the closing time depending on your definition of sunset. I think they go by the published time by the local weather, but not sure. I thought it was a bit quick.

This year was the best year ever at the Portland Light. The surf was quite agitated when we got there and continued the next day, giving us optimum shooting experiences. I was very happy to see the sea conditions, though, I’m sure some of the locals were not. It was a Noreaster and there were lots of outages during our stay in Maine, though we did not personally experience any of them until we visited Bass Harbor. But I digress.

Portland Lighthouse from the north.

Shooting from the north side of the light, in my personal opinion, offers just as grand an image as the view from the south. There is a paved trail from to an overlook and a path from there down to water lever. Both of these locations offer outstanding views of the lighthouse.

Portland Lighthouse from the south.

The view from the south has now been improved because you no longer have to jump the fence to get out on the rocks. They have actually installed a gate, so no more jumping over the chain link or wondering if it’s OK to get out on the rocks. An obvious invitation.

In my usual search for the perfect Whoopee Pie, we ventured into The Bam-Bam Bakery on Commercial St. in the Old Port area. I loved their Whoopie Pies and took some home too. It was only later that I found out that Bam-Bam Bakery is totally gluten free. Frankly, I didn’t notice. It was delish. I make Martha Stewart’s recipe at home and it is very good. Next year we’ll be sampling the fare at Two Fat Cats Bakery.

Other recommended dining in Portland includes Becky’s Diner especially for breakfast, Bayside American Cafe is another great breakfast spot. For an extremely fine diner and locally sourced food, visit Fore Street Restaurant, but call for a reservation and bring your wallet. They have the best homemade bread. The whole dinner was awesome and our entire group loved it.

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