Looking Glass Territory

Spent part of the day at Looking Glass Falls, which, I have shot many times, however, today was something special, as I made a new friend.  This young lady was kind enough to pose for me to give some perspective  to the shot.  She was a very nice young lady, and, being her birthday, had just come from a hot air balloon ride.  Here she is posing for me at Looking Glass Falls.



Following lunch at a local picnic table, we ventured up FR475B to see Log Hollow Falls.  The road was amazingly smooth compared to my 2009 adventure up 475, which was difficult to say the least.  It is much smoother now and we ended the day driving down to Living Waters.

The 1/2 mile hike up FR5043 started with Mr. Rattler sunning himself.  If you know me, you know I hate snakes and often misidentify the harmless as dastardly.   However, today, I was spot on.  Mr. Rattler was waiting for us in the middle of the trail.  My friends and I skirted his space and headed up trail to the falls.  Thankfully, he saw fit to vacate the premises for our return trip.


The flow was modest but the scene was epic.  Such a beautiful falls and one I will definitely return to in high water weather.

Log Hollow up close.
Log Hollow Falls from the bridge.

Leaving on FR475B presented a new look at Looking Glass Rock.  A bit different than that from the parkway.

Looking Glass Rock


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