Maps and Travel Info for Eastern Mountains.


The purpose of this section is to give you info that is not immediately available when wandering the Smoky’s, Appalachians, and the national forests of the areas of  Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Kentucky.   I have spent many hours perusing these sites and found them to be some of the most helpful information sites for roaming the mountains.· You will find others, but I’m sure you’ll find most of what you need right here.

Printed Maps and Gazetteers – Amazingly detailed, large-format topographic & street map atlases of all 50 U.S. states. Unbeatable recreational information & detail. Most states just $19.95!

Kevin Adams Books – Nature and Photography Books

West Virginia Waterfalls – A website of waterfalls in the State of West Virginia.

N.C. Waterfalls – One of my favorite sites for info.· The author has a lot of pertinent information to get you to your destination safely and with some foreknowledge of the area.· Thanks to Rich Stevenson for maintaining this wonderful site.

Appalachian Treks – Another very good and informative website, with a lot of photos and info about the mountains, trails, and sights, along with a bit of philosophizing, poetry and quotes from some famous folk.

N.C. Waterfalls Map – No connection with the first link, but additional info.· This is a google map and is sort of slow to load, but I think you will find it of value.

Eastern Waterfall Database – Not so complete as the title might suggest, however, a site, not without merit.· You won’t find everything in one place, so look here too.

S.C. Waterfalls – Contains a list of N.C. and S.C. waterfalls as well as a lot of links to state and local parks and other info.· Photography is not great but you will find more info here as well.

North Georgia Waterfalls – Jack Anthony Photography with lots of photos and info

Tennessee Landforms – A veritable plethora of information regarding Tenessee landforms and mapping.

Swimming Holes – A simple page with a ton of info about creeks, rivers, waterfalls, swimmin’ holes and the like, for the whole U.S. of A.

Tennessee Dept. of Transportation – State and county maps and road information.

N.C. Department of Transportation – State and county maps and road information.

W.V. Department of Transportation – State and county maps and road information.

Virginia Dept. of Transportation – State and county maps and road information.· O.K.· This website is not up to the same caliber as the above DOT’s, so here are two links to maps in PDF (printable) and interactive (OTIM Online Transportation Information Map).· You may need them both.

Motor Vehicle Use Maps for N.C. National Forests – Courtesy of UNC library.

Ketucky Transportation Cabinet – Map Section

Digital Data Services, Inc. – Map Finder.· Topographical Quad (and others) Maps for free.

Smokey Mt. Area Quad Maps – Coweeta LTER Digital Raster Graphic Collection has topographic digital quad maps.

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection – University of Texas Library of Maps.· This link will take you to the list of U.S. National Parks, but, there is so much more here.· Prepare to spend some time here.

State Parks Dot Com -· The name says it all.· Click and go for info.

Dupont State Forest


National Weather Service Radar

Intellicast Weather

Mountain Roads and Weather

DOT North Carolina – If you’re travelling anywhere around GSMNP, this is a great place to get road info.· Get state county and road closure info and maps here.

DOT Tennessee – Not near as good as North Carolina’s DOT but, plenty helpfull.· Get state county and road closure info and maps here.


Photography Websites

I will always recommend my very own Ohio Valley Camera Club as a place to ask questions and get information regarding cameras and software as well as the photo editing process.  One of the best bunch of folk on the net with no bluenose bullshit.

Photo hosting at Smug Mug.

Fine Art America is a great, low cost place to host and sell your artwork.

Exposing Digital Photography – A free and comprehensive course offered by the Harvard Extension School

The Photographer’s Right – Legal rights for photographers.

Photography and Art Supplies

Found this great and really cheap place in N. Carolina to buy framing supplies.  Cheap Joe’s is worth a look for sure.

Light Impressions is not the cheapest place I’ve found, but they have 13 x 19 precut matts.  Price is good if bought in lots of 25.

REDIMAT – Quality Pre Cut Matting,  Clear Bags & Framing for Photographers, Artists & Crafters

N.C. Hiking and Touring Sites


Hiking in Western North Carolina – A decent site with lots of info and photos too.  Also some map info.

Appalachian Treks – a blog with lots of info.

Rambling Hemlock

Sherpa Guides