Lake Erie Lighthouses

This year’s fall color trip consisted of visiting the light houses on Lake Erie on the way to Watkins Glen. Unfortunately, the Marblehead lighthouse in Sandusky, number one on our original list, was shrouded in scaffolding, so it was skipped. There are many more lites on this route, but a lot of them are copies of others, so were not visited. The lites shown here represent the more interesting variety of lighthouses along the southern shore of Lake Erie.

The lighthouse at Huron Harbor. The lighthouse is rather lackluster and is one of a number of clones along the lake. They were dredging the channel there when we arrived. I found out from a local man, who opened his cafe for us and served us some great homemade ice cream, that the new laws dictate that the dredge has to be hauled way out into the lake to be disposed of. No more dumping onshore, etc. The ice scream was dynomite.

Next up the coast was the Vermillion Lighthouse, which has a small park, museum, and an old ship’s wheelhouse on display.

Vermillion Lighthouse

The Lorain West Breakwater Light, also called the Lorain Harbor Light, is a lighthouse in Lorain, Ohio. The light was built in 1917 on Lake Erie by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. It was taken out of service in 1965 when it was replaced by an automated light tower on a nearby breakwater. The light was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on 29 December 1978.Wikipedia

The Lorain Lighthouse is a breakwater lite and best viewed from the Riverside Park side of the inlet. Bring a long lens.

Fairport Harbor – I’d been to Fairport Harbor before and was excited to go there again. The view of the breakwater lite from the Headland Dunes State Nature Preserve can be photographically captivating given good skies and water conditions. However, the jewel of Fairport Harbor, is the older retired lite on the other side of the inlet.

Fairport Breakwater Lite from the state park side.
Fairport Breakwater Lite from the harbor side.
Fairport Harbor Lighthouse (now retired) from the harbor side.

Erieland Lighthouse and Presque Isle Lighthouse are closely situated in Erie, PA. Both are worth a visit, but the Presque Isle lite @ Presque Isle State Park is particularly picturesque and a visit down to the shoreline below will allow you to see some of the man made shoreline preservation mounds that have been constructed along the beach, as well as a different view of the lite. It’s a pretty place.

Presque Isle Litehouse
Presque Isle from the beach.

The Erie Land Lighthouse, located near Presque Isle is definitely worth a stop. It’s an older and retired light, but has a lot of character. They have, unfortunately, for photography, built a playground right up against one side of the lighthouse, but you can still get some good shots here.

Erie Land Lighthouse
At the Erie Land Lite

Barcelona was the last light we visited on our tour. Due to date and time configurations we were unable to visit the last one on our list at Dunkirk, NY, but overall a great trip along Lake Erie, which I highly recommend. We did skip a number of lighthouses due to them being just like others we had seen or being closed to the public during the times we were there.

Barcelona Lighthouse

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