Hocking Hills Spring Weekend

The water was running pretty well and the weather was fantastic.  We arrived early Friday morning to take advantage small crowds at Ash Cave.  We were basically alone there for over an hour and the light was good.


We ran over to Cedar Falls to take further advantage of the light.  It was good, but the sun was starting to hit the pool.

RJH_4792 RJH_4807 RJH_4839

There is also an often missed side falls which I was lucky enough to catch some flow on this trip.


I had also been wanting to explore up above Cedar Falls, as I had heard there were more falls here.  There are two other small falls here, but the sun was bad and we had to return on another day and early in the morning, however, the reflections from the sky on the water were very hard to deal with even at 7AM.


Saturday had us in Old Man Cave gorge.  We started out early to beat the throngs and catch the best light.


Upper Falls
Small side falls near the A-frame bridge.
Old Man Cave Middle Falls
Lower Falls
Lower Falls side view.

After that, we followed the trail into Queer Creek gorge and then to Cedar Falls.  It’s about a 2.5 mile hike over all and there were more falls along the way.  Some with no names that I could find.

Whispering Falls

Sunday morning we went into Conkle’s Hollow mostly to shoot wildflowers, however, there weren’t too many blooming yet.  The falls was as usual but seems to have a much larger pool than previous years.  We did find a few flowers to shoot and I noticed a larger amount of Jack-in-the-Pulpit than I had seen on previous outings.

Conkle’s Hollow Falls

Here’s a gallery of some wildflowers from Conkle’s Hollow.

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