Hendricks, W.V. (River Rd. and Red Run)

I spent the week in Canaan Valley, May 4-9.  It was pretty rainy and even snowed.  Most surprisingly it sleeted on Sunday as we concluded one of the most anticipated and important hikes of the week.  Important to help conclude a list of waterfall visits necessary for the completion of my new book about West Virginia Waterfalling.

The entire day was centered around waterfalls along WV 72 (Dry Fork Rd), which runs between US 219 near Hambleton and WV 32 near Red Creek and Dolly Sods.  Additional access to the feeder creeks of Dry Fork of Cheat River is available by means of Tucker Cty Rd. 26  (River Rd.), which I highly recommend.  It enters and exits WV 72 and follows at river level for about 5 miles.  I highly recommend a visit here.  There are numerous falls in the area beginning at the entrance from the east end of River Rd. as it falls down along Elklick Run.  There are three significant waterfalls here and all deserve a shot, but are not the easiest to access.  Please take some trash out with you when you go.  Wish I could have lifted the car battery I found.

We enter River Rd. from the eastern end and travel along Elklick Run.  There are three nice falls here and a bunch of other nice creek features.  Click an image to start a slide presentation.

At the bottom of the run, turn right to follow the river downstream to an easy pull off on your right.  This is Mill Run and there is a nice fall here.  I also shot another fall up top on WV 72 that was visible from the road up a side road called, guess what?, Mill Run Rd. which is worth a look.


There’s another pull off along River Rd. that doesn’t immediately show any signs of good photo ops but a short and testy slog up creek will reveal a gorgeous little rill.

There are also some nice side falls along the road which emanate from run off on WV 72 above, but they are nice.  You will see them as you drive.  You can’t miss them during wet weather more toward the western end of the road.

When you exit River Rd. heading west, you will soon see a sign that says “Red Run” and a few houses by the road.  Drive a bit further, pull off on the left, just after you see the sign for Forest Service Road 244.  Don’t park at the gate, but pull down the road a few yards and park on the left.  There is room for only one car (or truck) here.

This is the access to the falls on Red Run.  This is definitely worth the 1.25 mile uphill hike to the smiley face carved in a tree on the right.

Even though uphill all the way, this is not a hard hike.  When you get here, just venture off into the woods downhill to the falls.  Visit my webpage for full details.

When you get there, you will be very happy you took the time to visit this place.   Here are some photos from my May 2017 visit

I wish you fun and enjoyment in this wonderful wilderness.


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