Coast of Maine and Beyond

Covered Bridges and More

Driving I-91 south, will take you into Brattleboro, VT  (about a three hour drive).  There you can see the Ashuelot Covered Bridge, which is about 10 miles back into New Hampshire down the Connecticut River on NH 119.  This is a very pretty bridge in nice condition and well worth your time.

The Sunday River Covered Bridge is also a nice photo experience.   Unlike Ashuelot Covered Bridge, it is not active so you don’t have to watch for cars.  Creek access is also quite easy and recommended.  The Sunday River Bridge spans the Sunday River in western Newry, Maine.  Located just under 4 miles off of US 2 just south of Newry, Maine on Sunday River Rd., it has a pretty decent off street parking lot.  Definitely worth the time.

One of my favorite places to hang out for a couple days is Bennington, VT.  It’s like my launching pad for the long drive back to Cincy.  I-90W (toll road) to I-71S is my route so this is usually on my way.  I like the covered bridges here as well as some of the history and local color.  I also really like stopping into Bennington Potters.  My wife is a major fan, and now so am I.  When she first heard I was going to Bennington, she said to make sure I stopped in and got her something.  Gotta keep momma happy, but now I have a new place to shoot too.  This is a little gold mine for photographers.  Outside is all sorts of old rusted machinery, the old original building, and inside, you definitely need to go into the production area.  Just make sure to ask permission.  They’re pretty nice there and you’ll love their products too.  Here’s a gallery with  shots from Bennington with covered bridges and other stuff.