Coast of Maine and Beyond

Pemaquid Light

Heading up the coast, I’m sure I’ve missed some good spots, but the ones I have found are plenty fine.  Next stop is the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park.  An unremarkable lighthouse, compared to Portland, but a unique spot with some very interesting shoreline rock formations that emerge from the ocean and climb straight up to the lighthouse.  This is an unusual rock formation and an interesting photo subject.  If you travel here during the Columbus day weekend, you will see (drive right through) an interesting bit of local color.  The DAMARISCOTTA PUMPKINFEST & REGATTA is quite colorful and you may be tempted to find a place to park and have a walk about.

It’s about a 16 mile drive from US 1 down to the lighthouse but you may be tempted to turn down Huddle Rd. toward Pemaquid Beach/Harbor and the Colonial Pemaquid State Historical Site.  There are some ruins here and the harbor is picturesque.

Heading up the coast along US 1 can be a tedious/time consuming endeavor, so be patient.   Oh, and when you leave Pemaquid, go to the right on SR 32, which will take you back to US 1.  I think it’s a bit more colorful and pleasant than the way in, and you might find a shot or two there.