Coast of Maine and Beyond

Portland Headlight

Portland is an interesting town in several respects.  It’s not so easiest city to get around in,  due to the maze of intersecting roadways, not may of which go in straight lines.  Never having been there, you will have to pay close attention to your driving.

Of course, the main attraction is the Portland Head Light located in Fort Williams Park.  This is a must for photographers at sunrise and sunset.  You won’t find a more photogenic lighthouse on the coast. It will be great if you can catch it with some angry seas, but it’s great no matter what.  If you are a photographer, be there at sunrise or earlier.  The gatekeeper is usually very prompt and will open at sunrise or a bit earlier.  However, if you are there at sunset, you will be run off as soon as the sun sinks below the horizon.  So, be prepared with your timing.  Other things to know about this location include the fact that there are a bunch of foxes living in the shrubbery around the lighthouse.  They will come out at sunset to scavenge for tourist droppings.  If you are ready and lucky you may catch a glimpse or even a shot of them as you are heading out to the parking lot.  And don’t forget to look at what’s behind you.

Portland also has an area called Old Port.  It is an area in the downtown section along the waterfront where there are a bunch of piers where fishing and tourist boats moor.  It is located along Commercial St. and a walk down any one of the piers may reward you with some interesting shots. Dining in Portland can be a bash on the gums.  I’ve dined on some good food there, from the high end Fore Street Restaurant, where they make their own bread fresh every day, to the unassuming but delicious Becky’s Diner for breakfast, lunch or dinner or Bayside American Cafe and don’t forget the Holy Donut for a regional fave, the ever popular “Whoopie Pie”.