Coast of Maine and Beyond

Over the years my visits to Maine have been nothing less than rewarding and spectacular.  There is so much beauty and culture to be absorbed that it is almost beyond description.  Most of my travels have been along the wonderful coastline between Portland and Gouldsboro, with the majority stays in the Bar Harbor area.

This article will incorporate the best locations that I have found  for photography and generally good touring locations.  Speaking of tourists, of which, I am one, it’s incumbent upon me to advise you that there is a season when you may be crowded out of some good photography by the tourist crowds.  Especially during the Columbus Day Week.  Not sure why this particular week is so busy, but it’s probably a combination of the leaf peeping season and the fact that everyone is closing up for the winter.  Add to that, as I am told, lots of Canadians come south for their Thanksgiving holiday, making this one of the most crowded parts of the year for sightseeing.  Some years are worse than others, but it seems to have grown in popularity in the past two to three years.  So, let’s start in the south in Portland.

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