Cincinnati Nature Center (Trip 2)

Week two of my search for the perfect blooms of spring, brought me back to the Cincinnati Nature Center.  Hoping to see the glory of a sea of daffodil, I was a bit disappointed to find that most were not in bloom yet.  I’m feeling like a mid week visit might be in order, so that I can catch the best of the blooms, however, it will probably be the weekend before the majority are showing.  That said, there were a few fields in bloom, though the sun was so bright at the time I shot this, that I don’t have the feeling of satisfaction, photographically speaking.

Field of daffodil

Most of what I saw was the same as last week, but I did find a couple of additions to the collection for this spring.  Here is a Helleborus (Lenten Rose) of which I have many in my garden.  It is an impressive plant, in that it is long lasting and the deer don’t eat it.

Helleborus niger

A lot of the time I was on the lookout for the extremely gorgeous White Trout Lilly, of which there was an abundance last week.  Of course, I was on a different part of the trail this week, so I didn’t see them until I was on my way out and then found this group and a few more on the stone steps.  Mostly, those that I observed were on the wane, so I was glad to find these prime examples hanging out in the crotch of a stone wall.

Grouping of White Trout Lilly
Lonely White Trout Lilly

On the previous week’s visit, there were ladies raving about the Virginia Bluebells and that we should keep an eye out for them.  I had no idea, and forgot to look them up, so I didn’t even know that I was looking at them early on.  They appear as a small clump of purple little buds hiding in the midst of an unfolding leaf clump.  Unless you looked closely, they just looked like a green vegetation with no flower.  But, they were in there and the word is that they are spectacular and plentiful.  I will be visiting more often in expectation of their arrival.  Some say a week, others two weeks.  I’ll probably be stopping by during the week as well as the weekend, just to make sure I don’t miss these spectacular blooms.  Here’s a shot of what’s showing as of today.

Birth of Virginia Bluebell

I also found a few grape hyacinth poking out from between some rocks in the herb wall.  They are really cute, but hard to photograph.

Grape Hyacinth

I also found these little guys.  I don’t know what they are and they were very few and far between, but none the less, an extremely attractive flower.  I love their delicate appearance and the cool blue stripe in the center of the petals.


Lastly, I revisited several of the blue flowers from my previous visit.  I love the deep center of this first one and hope to shoot it again, as I’m sure it can be captured to better display it’s splendor.


And the Siberian Squill.

Siberian Squill

That’s all for this week.  Stay tuned for what’s to come and thanks for looking.