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Blackwater Falls State Park, W.V.

Stop number one on the road to Acadia National Park in Maine was Blackwater Falls State Park near Davis, West Virginia.  I love this place, and have discovered that there is much more to see than what is listed in the parks brochures.  Doing a bit of study on the area, you find that photographers have discovered many outstanding places to shoot waterfalls and landscapes that are not immediately evident to the casual visitor.   I have pined to return to this place to catch the places that I have missed, and the more I find, the more I find that I need to investigate.

This years visit included the definite visit to Douglas Falls hear Thomas, W.V.  I missed this place on my last trip because I didn’t go far enough.  This place is not hard to find, but if you don’t know, you wonder if it’s O.K. to venture forth.  The trail is accessed from Douglas Road  off of 32 .  Douglas Road is just south of Thomas proper.  Follow it.  You will see an art museum/gallery (very nice structure which seems out of place in this neighborhood).  It does a hard right, right in front of the gallery, then following Douglas Road across the North Fork Blackwater River, you will see “Rail Falls Road” right after you cross the river.  It’s a dirt road.  Follow it.  Go till you see an old railroad looking bridge.  You can drive across this and park or you can park before the bridge if you don’t feel confident about it.

Park and follow the road/trail and you will come to a gate.  Walk beyond the gate and follow the trail.  This is state park territory.   Follow the water and listen.  You will find your way.  Be careful.  This is without a doubt the slipperiest waterfall I have ever been to.  Granted it was raining and had been raining when I was there, but, I suspect it is like this all the time.  It really does require some extreme attention to footing if you are going down in the river.

Douglas Falls from the trail.
Douglas Falls from down stream but in front of fallen trees. Requires an athletic climb over a wall to capture this image.