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West Virginia Bound

Heading out from Cincinnati at 6AM, it was obvious that sunshine would rule the day.   The east bound trip on Ohio 32 was a bit difficult with the sun in our faces for the first few hours and it occurred to me that arriving in Davis, W.V., the waterfalls would probably be bathed in sunlight as well, and they were.  The outbound trip was pretty fast and easy as the traffic was very light.  I followed my GPS this time without any thought or care of looking at a map.  I just wasn’t in a hurry, and good thing too.

The first surprise was the covered bridge in Phillipi.  I had thought about working it in on the way home, but, when I saw the sign for this town, I decided it would be now.  The GPS took us right to this bridge.  I found a side road that led up river to a public river access and we stepped out to have a shot.  Later, after gassing up, we found a place to shoot on the other side.

Phillipi, W.V.



Leaving this place, and listening to the GPS, put us on some back roads.  I figured she was trying to bypass some highway construction, and it had occurred to me to break out the map, but then we were in Tucker County, and I figured it would all work out and it did.  But not before some consternation and also discovering a couple of roadside falls.  These falls were not the most photo worthy and the creeks were absolutely inundated with fallen trees and brush and not easily accessible.  I have no idea if they have any names, but I bet they look pretty good when the creek is clean and the water is running hard.

So we’ll call these “Falls Along Sugar Lands Rd.”  This is Co Rd 25 in Tucker County, W.V. about 4-5 mile from the intersection with US 219.

RJH_5448 RJH_5454

We eventually emerged on US 219, which would take us into Thomas and that was perfect.  At the junction, we happened upon the line of windmills we had been noticing from afar.

RJH_5459We decided to stop by Douglas Falls to have a look, and by this time the sun was so bright and high in the sky, it was almost worthless to try and photograph here.  Anyway, I’d be bringing the crew here later in the week, and hopefully, it would be more photo friendly skies.  I snapped a couple shots anyway.

I assume these are pear blossoms and there are tons of them along the road near the parking space.
At the bridge across the feeder creek to North Fork Blackwater River where we park.

I have to admit, I didn’t put a lot of effort into any photography today.  I really don’t like full bright sunlight on anything.  It was just good to scout around and have a look and the condition of things.

We also stopped in and talked to a ranger and discussed what was going on on some of the trails and roads we wanted to try.  I’m glad I did too, because one on my bucket list was the Canaan Loop Road, and it turns out, it might not be such a good idea to drive this road just now.  Maybe next time.

After dinner, we shot Blackwater Falls in the dark from the observation deck on the south side of the river.  It’s the easiest access.

Blackwater Falls at night, low water.