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Passing Through Ding Darling

Last time I went through Ding Darling, I spent a lot of time there and was privileged to view a wide variety of birds.  I felt especially privileged to see and photograph a large contingent of Roseate Spoonbills, who seemed to be just waiting for us to arrive and in no hurry to leave.  Not so lucky this trip.  However, I was lucky enough to witness several other species which I had not seen before, and was especially happy to capture this osprey keeping watch while his mate fed their young.

I also saw some cormerant, anhinga, white and brown pelican, gopher turtle, great blue heron, small blue heron, hooded merganzer, red breasted merganzer, egret, ibis, red bellied woodpeckers, tourists, and the ever present noseeum’s (nasty critters).

Reports going in were not looking good, and the place was a bit slow, as are most of the bird breeding habitats right now.  At least, the ones I’ve been to.  I’m guessing water level has something to do with it.  Water is kind of low right now, even though it is raining as I speak.  I’ll bet this guy is happy about that.

In spite of all that, it was a rewarding short drive through the habitat and glad we made the trip.

I’ll probably be back here before I leave south Florida.