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Burrowing Owls of Punta Gorda

I was told, by a friend who lives in the neighborhood, that the owls had moved on.  Another friend confirmed that they hadn’t seen the owls in quite sometime.  I was perplexed and expected to find some information about what happened to them but, nothing.  I’ve been here, in the neighborhood, for about two weeks and have visited the nest/burrow at least half dozen times and seen nothing.

However, last evening, just before sunset, I drove by and to my surprise and elation, there were several owls poking out of the burrow.  I’m not schooled enough to know if these are male and female or adult or juvenile, but I suspect they are adult male and female.  I visited again this morning and the same two were evident.  I did not take any photos this morning, however, as the light was really bad.  I’m settling for what I got last night and thankful.

Hope you enjoy these.

Gotta love the eyes.