Big Run Falls and FR18

On the bucket list for this trip was a visit to Big Run.  We started out from US 219 and ventured the approximate two miles down a pretty nasty FR 18.  It wasn’t  really bad but it sure wasn’t 2wd country.  Definitely don’t go down her with a car.  Period.

Anyway, I wasn’t exactly sure where this falls was and  assumed it was where the creek crossed the road.  That is wrong.  After crossing under the road, the creek follows the road and you come to a pull out where it will be real easy to do a 180.  Just beyond this you will find a big rock on the side of the road with an orange marker.  This is the spot to start your adventure.  You can access the creek and falls by just following this trail which is very short.  This marker is approximately two mile from US 219.


The access down into the creek isn’t that hard but it is steep.  There are roots and sturdy branches to hold onto, but a hiking stick will be most helpful here, and you need to be careful.  I got down easily and venturing downstream wasn’t too difficult either.  Here are my shots from this morning.






We could have gone back the way we came to leave, but that would have been too simple and we had no idea what was ahead, but we decided to go forward.  The road was better in most places, but overall not the wisest choice for expedience sake.  However, it was kind of cool and we made it with no trouble.’

There were, however two creek crossings and some rather dastardly  chuck holes and sinks to navigate on the way back down into Douglas.



Good morning, good experience.  Got some good shots and had a good time.

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