Back On The Road Again-Blackwater Falls

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the road.  Outside of a few local excursions, I haven’t been on too many road trips, due to work, but my friends and I had been  planning a one month road trip to the northeast.  We left on 28 Sept and were expecting some color but most things were still green.

First stop was Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia.  But, on the way there, we stopped by two minor falls.  The first is roadside on WV 38.    It has no name and is probably nothing more than a drainage, but it photographs pretty well.

Next was a small roadside falls at Hambleton.  It’s about 10′ tall and looks good when it’s running, but is weather dependent.I think we have covered every waterfall in the area this weekend, beginning with Shay’s Run.  The water here, this weekend is at a really high pitch.  Most of the creeks and runs are really cooking.  Going to the bottom of Shays was near impossible for me.

Next up was Falls Run.  This is a favorite of mine and was not a disappointment this trip.  The amount of water was more than normal, but looked pretty good in photos and not overbearing.  Fairly easy navigation, even though I cracked my head on a split tree limb while ducking under a fallen pine.

Took the late afternoon and evening over at Douglas Falls.  This flow was probably the heaviest I’ve ever seen here.  The river bed was no where near as accessible as in normal flow.  I went downstream and got in, but it was pretty sketchy moving about.At  Pendleton Run, later that day, we only visited the upper falls and shot a sunset at the lake.

The next day we headed over to Big Run where we ran across some old friends from the West Virginia Waterfalls Facebook Group,  and made some new friends.

Other places we visited were the creeks and runs that feed Dry Fork of Cheat River.  This first I was told by some locals not to reveal because of it’s delicate vegetation, but, I’m somewhat perplexed by their concern, since it is obviously well know and sits right by a campsite.  The little piggies have left their calling cards here.   At any rate, not sure why anyone would want to or be able to get that close to this falls.  It’s pretty, but covered up in fallen trees, briars, and nettles.  I named this Colleen Falls in my book because that’s who showed it to me. Elklick Run is a nice little creek along the eastern end of River Rd. where it intersects with WV72.  It’s looked nicer on previous trips and the sun was high on this trip, but everyone liked it there and we ran across another member of WV Waterfalls Facebook Group. Mill Run is the next creek along the River Rd.We also visited Dry Run, along Sugarlands Rd.  Both these falls are roadside.  I shot the first one this trip and the two below are from another time.

One waterfall that we didn’t visit because of time, was Red Run. This is a beautiful spot which I have previously posted about.  You can read about it and see photos here.

Leaving Blackwater Falls area, we headed to Rickett’s Glen State Park in Pennsylvania for a three night stay.  But more on that in my next post.

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