A Day for the Birds

Downy Woodpecker

Today, was indeed, a day for the birds.  As I stepped out on the veranda (back deck) to have a look at the morning, there came this little Downy Woodpecker.  I watch it for awhile, then put down my coffee and grab my camera.  It wasn’t very cooperative, jumping from place to place and hiding around the back side of the tree from time to time, but I managed one shot anyway.  They’re an interesting bird, and like most that hang around my feeder, not apt to sit in one place for any length of time.  I think I need to put out some more suet.  They seem to hang around longer when there’s suet on the tree.

When he finally left, I realized it was time to get busy.  Today was the day to make a visit to Raptor, Inc.  I have set up photo sessions with Raptor, Inc. for my photo club for the past three or four years, and today was the last one for this year.  It was going to be a beautiful day for shooting the birds and I was also excited to know that an old friend was going to be there as well.  My friend, Kelly Riccetti of Red and the Peanut had decided to come by to visit the birds.  I think she and her son had a good time.  Being the avid birder that she is, it was probably a cool thing to be up close and personal with these birds.  They’re a great bunch.  Hope you had a good time Kelly.

Kelly Riccetti

Raptor, Inc. is a local (Cincinnati area) volunteer organization whose prime directive is to rehabilitate injured birds of prey.  To that end they have a facility for managing and maintaining these birds and are chartered by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  They also have a number of birds, which are not candidates for release, that are being utilized in an educational outreach program, headed by Susan Williams.  The birds are shown at many venues, such as local schools, parks, and scout camps in order to give the public a view of the birds, while educating them as to proper procedure in case they come across a wounded bird of prey.

Today, we were hosted by my original contacts at Raptor, Inc.  Mark and Cindy Alverson are really dedicated raptor enthusiasts and spend almost every weekend at the facility feeding and tending to the business at hand.  We are fortunate to have them hosting our group.  So a big pat on the back to them and all the folks a Raptor, Inc. for the great work they do and a big thank you for hosting our group.

Here are the birds of Raptor, Inc. which are used in the education program.  More information about the birds on the Raptor, Inc. site.

Priscila – Barred Owl

Scarlet – Red Tailed Hawk

Sylvester – Great Horned Owl

Isis – Partial Albino Red Tailed Hawk

Storm – Barn Owl

Magnolia – American Kestral

Earl – Turkey Vulture

Lucy – Peregrine Falcon

Horatio “H” – Eastern Screech Owl

An amazing bunch of animals and an amazing crew at Raptor, Inc. Hats off and thanks for hosting our club.

See more bird photos here.

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  1. Thank you, Rick!!! Matty and I had such a good time. We learned so much and everyone there was so nice. I could see so much love, respect…and awe for the birds coming from everyone. It was an amazing shoot and wonderful opportunity. Thank you for putting it together and inviting us!

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