Big Cove Run to Arden

We set out to visit the Arden Party Rock.  A cool river wide waterfall and rock area near Arden, W.V.  It’s a pretty awesome place, and is known for two things.  It’s a good partying spot and a good spot to die if you’re not careful.  I have never seen such a place where the water runs under the rocks in places and the undertow is obvious to see.  It was pretty treacherous the day we stopped and I was regaled with a story by a local who told of a poor young man who dove in and came out in three pieces down river.  But I digress.

The falls on Big Cove Run stole the show in the beauty department.  These falls are located very close to this creek’s  confluence with Tygart River, following a dirt road almost to the end.  You can find directions on my website here.

Beautiful farmland preceeds the dirt portion of the road to this waterfall. Leaving this place, as you climb back up out of the bottoms to the pavement, take the first right which will bring you into Moatsville and then on to Arden.  Moatsville was a complete surprise.  I had to turn around and go back and park after crossing the bridge there.  A pretty rock colony with nice water all around.

Another couple miles brought us out at the new bridge across the Tygart River and onto B and O Rd.  Probably the best dirt road in the state.  Nice and flat, mostly smooth,  and fairly straight as it follows along the Tygart.  You can’t miss the party rocks.  The river was rocking when we visited.