W.V. Waterfalls Webpage Update

I’ve just done a major update to the West Virginia Waterfalls website.  Many new falls have been added.

There is a new map menu with links to a Google map of W.V.  waterfalls which I have been working on for a long time.  Each spot on the Google map links back to a page on the site with more comprehensive information and photos.  There are also locations with no information, other than, we know they exist but don’t have accurate or comprehensive information or photos as yet.

Also added a link to the NPS trails map with trail descriptions, etc.  The NPS map is a .pdf and is quite comprehensive.  I haven’t seen anything that rivals it for the New River Gorge Trails System.  It’s a great tool and I think you will like it.

Look for more maps to be added as well.

I have also started a new menu section called “Day Trips”.  Here I will be sharing what I think are great ways to spend the day seeing waterfalls and other great things of interest along the way.  Only three items there at the moment, but when I finish editing all the others, there should be at least 10 entries for you to choose from.

I hope you make use of all the information and enjoy yourselves in the Great State of Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.

Happy Waterfalling.