A Pleasant Surprise

On my recent trip to West Virginia, I visited Claypool Falls.  It’s on Meadow Creek, but Meadow Creek runs along Claypool Rd., thus the name.  I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived because the previous days adventures had taken us to some falls with nothing more than a drip or two for water.  It’s been kind of dry here lately, so it was a pleasant surprise to find water running on Meadow Creek.  Meadow Creek is also one of the more scenic places I’ve been to in the area.  There were a lot of photographic opportunities in a very short distance from the main falls, and I highly recommend a visit.

Meadow Creek runs between a railroad grade and Claypool Rd.  There aren’t many places to stop on Claypool Rd., but fortunately, just upstream from the main falls is a decent place to pull off.  It’s also a better place to cross the creek, and crossing the creek is the best advantage for photography up stream of the falls.  I shot the creek from both banks, thus, a large number of photos in the gallery below.

Going down into the creek at the main falls is not the safest thing you will ever do, but if careful, it shouldn’t be a problem.  Having a rope will definitely make you feel better, but you can make it without one.  There are some roots and branches and a few rocks to grab on the way down and back.

If you want directions, check out my West Virginia Waterfalls site.