Dolly Sods Wilderness

Dolly Sods Wilderness is worth the trip.  It’s about 10 – 12 miles of bumpy gravel Forest Road 75 from the Red Creek Trailhead.  There are falls on Red Creek about three miles in.  Haven’t had the opportunity to hike much past a mile, but a nice trail along the river to that point.

Unfortunately, it rained every time we attempted to go up on top.  It wasn’t all bad though, as there were lots of things to see.RJH_5643

The road to the top of the sods is kind of cool.  It’s a unique environment/habitat along a long straight road.  There are beaver ponds and trails galore.  There is quite a variety of unique, at least to my eyes, vegetation up on this mountain.  I can’t begin to name everything, but some of the obvious trees and huckleberry.  There are Grass Balds, Huckleberry Plains, Cranberry bogs, and hardwoods.  This Wikipedia page tells a lot.  Here, also, is the page from the Monongahela National Forest site as well

I like the far/high point of the road which overlooks a lot of the mountainous region around the area.  Lots of cool rock formations.  It rained both times we were there and it wasn’t very conducive to shooting.  On our last trip up, we continued on FR 75, rather than go back the way we came.  To get back to paved surfaces, it’s a shorter trip.  Maybe 5 miles vs. the 12 coming up from SR 32, and the road is in much better condition.  I noticed some nice camp sites on that side of the mountain as well.  We were staying in Davis, and while it was a farther distance to go this way, it was quicker and much smoother.  It’s 1H4M and 37mi going the long, much smoother way, vs. 1H13M and 28.5mi. going the bumpy way.  The scenery isn’t so bad either, but then, there isn’t much bad scenery in the West Virginia countryside.

A view from the rocks at the highest elevation.
From what I can tell, these are Huckelberry flowers. I’m sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.


SAM_60631On the way down we ran across a nice little barn with a bright green grassy field in the background that was just begging to be photographed.


This is our crew, minus two who were unavailable for this shot.  I think I can say, with some surety that we all had a real good time.RJH_5837