Asheville Area and Catawba Falls

It’s amazing how the time flies.  I’ve been back from Asheville for two weeks and just now thinking about my photos and the trip.

We left on 1March for a week.  I decided to stay off of I-75  as much as possible, and headed down US25E through Cumberland Gap and took US58 East through Virginia.  It was still snowy and dark, but comfortable for cold weather.  We stopped in at Martin’s Station on 58 and caught some pretty spectacular mountains for background.  Nice quiet place for a picnic with buffalo.

Martin’s Station, Virginia along US58.

This is a very pleasant drive compared to I-75, as we crossed into Tennessee and then North Carolina on I-26.

Oddly enough, in all my trips to N.C., this was my first time in Ashville.  We had a decent rental up on a hill in the north part of town and not far from downtown.  Dining was good and I particularly liked Tupelo Honey Cafe, where I got my enjoys on some cheeze grits and shrimp, sauteed trout, and some new ales.  Afterward, there was the arcade, filled with cool artwork, music and more good food.  I swear, I don’t think I’ve eaten that much grits in ages.
Some I-Phone shots from the Grove Arcade.



Next morning I was off on one of my little adventures.  This trip, for me, beyond the relaxation factor, was to investigate other parts of the mountains that I had been wanting to revisit for awhile.  To start with, Catawba Falls had always been on my list and now I had a chance to go and check it out.

I decided to take a couple of the dogs with me, so I teamed up Molly and Daisy Duke.  I thought it would be pleasant to walk a forest trail with the two of them, and it was.  However, Daisy pulls like a freight train engine and that’s good when going up hill witha backpack loaded with cameras and tripods. 😀   But, by the end of the day, I was sore and worn out.  They were both excited to bee in the woods and had a ball.

Anyway, finally made it up to Catawba Falls, but not the upper falls, as it was too dangerous in the ice.  I called it a day after this hike with the dogs.  It was fun and I met some nice people on the trail but glad to get back to the truck and back over the mountain to home.

Catawba Falls

We also visited the nature center in Ashville.  I mostly wanted to go because of the cougars they have there, but the place has a pretty good collection of mountain type animals, from otter to bear including some of my favorite forest critters.  NOT

RJH_4162 RJH_4271 RJH_4280

I did get to see the bobcat and a couple of cougars, as well as three different kinds of fox and wolf.  It was a good place to visit, sheep, goat, bear, deer and other reptiles and amphibs.

RJH_4180 RJH_4183