Little Bradley and Pearsons Falls

The hike to Little Bradley was pretty easy aside from a couple of feeder creek crossings which demanded some attention and care.  I took the wife and one of the dogs.  Daisey Duke the locomotive.  I swear I’ve never had a dog that pulled like this girl, but she was much more tame without the lab in tow.

Several creek crossings made for wet feet and it was pretty muddy but all in all a good hike and not really hard at all.  We did run across a couple of adults with 12 teens and unfortunately one of them just had to get on top of the falls and sprained an ankle on the way down.  She swore she couldn’t make the hike back to the trail head and she and all her people scrambled up the side of the hill through some pretty steep rip-rap, big rocks, and briars.  It was painful watching her crawl on to knees and one foot.  They did eventually make it to the top and somebody went for the van and they got her out.  Lesson here.  You can see the girl and her friend on top of the falls in the first shot.

Little Bradley Falls_3856
Little Bradley Falls
Little Bradley Falls_3858
Little Bradley Falls
Little Bradley2
Little Bradley Falls
Little Bradley Falls_3904
Little Bradley Falls
Little Bradley Falls_3933
Me, Cath, and Daisy Duke at Little Bradley Falls

Little Bradley was a good starter for the day and  I was excited to go and check out this really tall falls on the side of the road (no hiking) called Shunkawauken Falls.   There was absolutely no room to pull over and the light was really bad, so, just got a quick glimpse and moved on to Pearson Falls.

Shunkawauken Falls

Pearson’s Falls is a pretty nice place.  There is an admission fee ($10.00/person) and “NO DOGS ALLOWED”.  They wouldn’t even let me park in the lot with the dog locked in the back of the truck.  I had to leave the truck down by the gate.  No big deal and they were really nice about it and all but kind of strange.  Anyway, the guy at the gate watched our stuff and the dog and we walked off to see what there was.

Pearsons Falls_3947The walk up the trail was easy and well groomed.  I can imagine this place blazes in the fall.  Hope to make it back there then sometime.

Pearsons Falls_3938

Pearsons Falls_3969
Moving downstream from the main falls.

Moving downstream from the main falls back toward the trailhead offers some more nice views.  In fact the entire trail is chock full of nice views.

Pearsons Falls_3958

It’s only a 1/4 mile or less from the parking lot to the falls, but it is a very nice walk.  They don’t like you getting off trail most of the way, but up at the falls, it’s possible to walk out into the creek a bit and observe the falls from different perspectives.

Pearsons Falls_4009

Will definitely have to put this one on the autumn to do list.