Restoration Part 3

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When I came back from Maine, all the images were sandwiched in the non glare glass panels and looked like they might be O.K.   I removed them and let them sit out in the air for awhile and within a day they had all rolled back up.  Not as tight as they originally were, but to about a 2″ diameter tube.  Originally, they were 1″ or tighter is one case.  I figured I was going to have to re moisten them, and I did.   I put them back in the bucket one at a time, this time, using the highest level about 12″ above the water line.  I closed the lid for about 6 hours and came back and looked and they were still curled but had relaxed by about half, so, I closed the lid and came back the next day.  They were almost flat the next day and had no surface moisture on them.  I put each one between two pieces of the glass and left them.  I checked them daily to see if there was any stickage.  None occurred.  Because I was busy, I left then for over a week, might have been two weeks, I don’t remember.  Yesterday, I brought them up to the office and left them on a table, still in the glass until I could scan them.

Here are the scans and the retouched copies.  There was quite a bit of damage and I’m not sure if I mitigated any of it, but, I didn’t do any further damage and did manage to get satisfactory scans and was able to further clean them up with Photoshop.

If you click on the images, you will get a larger view.

Image 1 Scan

Image 1 Retouched

Image 2Image 2 retouched.Image 3Image 3 retouched