Portland Head Light

The third leg of our trip to Acadia N.P. was a stop in Portland, Maine.  We intended to be there for sunset and then shoot sunrise at the Portland Head Light before we departed for Acadia.  We made it to Portland just in time, despite the slow down near Boston.  It was a memorable shoot, in spite of a lackluster sunset and overcast skies.

The sunset shoot at the light involved jumping the 3′ chain link fence to get out on the rocks to the south of the light.  Some intrepid soul had stacked some rocks to make it easy and that was a good thing.  The rocks around the light are kind of cool to see and not all that hard to navigate, but patience and attention to footing are imperative.  There really is no bad place to set up.  Even shooting from the fence line is a good perspective.  You might even get lucky enough to have a sailboat come sliding by.

Moving around the light after sunrise revealed other good locations for a different perspective.  There are some good shots to be had from the north side along the cliff trail and out front with the flowered foreground.  You will also observe that there is another light offshore located on an island.  This is Ram Island Light and makes a good background subject.

We met a guy at the evening shoot and he recommended a restaurant called “Fore Street”.  I will also recommend it.  An extremely good dinner with absolutely delicious bread and some outstanding entrees.  You will also find excellent service here.   Not a cheap place to dine but worth every penny.