Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

My first visit to Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park was an amazing experience.  I had heard of the place.  Even seen a photo or two, but never visited.  Thanks to Fred Haaser of Ohio Valley Camera Club, I am now experienced.  We spent the evening photographing the area then had a wine and cheese reception at the museum on the property.  It was a very enjoyable evening. Here are some of the images I brought home.

Having a little fun here, I replace a blank sky with one from my recent trip to West Virginia.  This was certainly not what we saw that evening, but I think it makes for a curious image and certainly more interesting than it’s original form below.

I think this was the most imaginative and best placed sculpture in the park.  At different angles it almost seems to float and some of the backgrounds and foregrounds that can be captured are excellent.

This last one was kind of interesting.  I treated it with a soft effect in PS and thought that combined well with the evening light.  There are a few more on my website, here.  Hope you enjoy them.