A bit of Winter Wonderland

As I sit here a week and a half later, it’s hard to believe it’s 45 degrees and sunny and all the snow is gone.  That’s pretty mild weather for January, though last year was quite mild as well.  Probably speaks to the quantity and variety of bugs invading my space this year.  But I digress.

Saturday, December 29, I headed out around 5 AM.  It had been forecast to snow the night before and it surely did.  I guess we got about four inches here.

I had been waiting for this event since last year, when I missed an opportunity to get a shot I had been wanting for awhile.  That being a shot of our suspension bridge in the pristine snow with night lights shining in the gloom and blow.  That, however, was not to happen, as the bridge was a mess with footprints and traffic and the lighting was terrible.  I’m going to have to pursue this shot with more zeal at another time and definitely get out of the house earlier.  Seems the joggers around here can’t sleep either.  I’m betting midnight is probably a better time, but we’re subject to when the snow comes down, aren’t we.

All that aside, being disappointed with my initial location, I headed up stream to the Purple People Bridge.  It was not much better, but I took this shot there.

It’s pretty muddy looking and post processing wasn’t making it any better, so it is what it is and I decided to move on.

Eden Park is usually a good place as there is an overlook and a reflecting pond and a gazebo I had never used as a subject before.  It was looking pretty good this morning, and, as I jockeyed for an angle that pleased me, I noticed the sky starting to clear and the sun lighting the trees in the background.  I stood for a long time waiting for the light to be right and it never did really come to my expectations but this shot came from that time and I’m happy with it.

After Freezing here for awhile (I didn’t really dress appropriately), I headed up the hill past the conservatory to the over look, where there is always a good shot.  My favorite tree was waiting as were the benches and the bridge and pond.  Here they are.

Later, on my way out of town, I passed by Music Hall.  I parked right in the middle of the street, jumped out and popped off five bracketed shots to render this HDR of the iconic landmark.