Hocking Hills, Ohio

It was cold and wet in Hocking Hills.  Not bad for the water flow or photography, but definitely glove weather.  Our troop started out Thursday 27 October at Ash Cave.  It was nice.  We had the place all to ourselves.  My friend Dan says it was good water flow, better than he’s seen in awhile.

We spent the evening deciding which new fall to go investigate, among other things, and set out for Conkle’s Hollow first off.  This is a really cool place in more ways than one.  These next shots are from the trail in and the falls.
Where we also ran across some other colorful items.

And then the falls.
On the way out there were mass quantities of fungi growing all about.  This one made me think of pancakes.
After Conkle’s, we headed up the road aways and then off road looking for Moore Falls.  It was not immediately obvious how to get to this place and we ended up doing a walkabout which eventually brought us full circle to the vehicles.  We finally found it right beside the road we had come in on.  It was not very photogenic, but it was a nice place and would probably look good after a hard rain.
After that we walked the rim of the canyon/gorge at Conkle’s Hollow and saw a few more minor falls, but nothing really photographable and I was longing for a clear shot of the gorge but had to settle for this super crop and photoshoped version.  Lots of tree branches and cell towers have been removed.
We walked back to the vehicles and by this time it was getting dark.  Not that it hadn’t been dark all day, but on toward evening and we decided to check out Old Man’s Cave Trails upper falls area.  It was very late evening when I shot these.  I really like this falls it’s one of my favorites.
It’s unfortunate there wasn’t more leaf color for this trip.  It would have been nice to have had some nice autumn color surrounding the falls.  Overall, not too bad and an enjoyable trip.  You can see all my Hocking Hills shots in this gallery.